Reno Rules (all 8 renovating eBooks!)


How do you renovate? Where do you start? Are you prepared to do some DIY to save $$?

We’ll give you the knowledge, confidence and direction on how to renovate on a budget.

RENO RULES is an eBook and a community all rolled in to one. It doesn’t matter if you’re renovating a kitchen, a bathroom or the whole house! You need someone with experience and results to help assist you.

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  • Real Estate
  • Tips to help you find the right Real Estate Agent
  • Sell with an Agent or Sell Yourself
  • Buying Tips
  • Selling Tips
  • Budgets, Trades & Approvals
  • Understand Approvals & Council Rules
  • Home and Contents Insurance While Renovating
  • Where you shouldn’t waste money
  • Budget excel download
  • How to be a project manager
  • Organising Trades
  • Kitchens, Bathrooms & Laundries
  • Do’s and don’ts in the kitchen
  • How to get the look you want for less in the kitchen
  • How to make the right choices
  • Kitchen layouts
  • Types and costs of kitchen cabinetry
  • Order of work in the kitchen
  • Kitchen Design Measurements
  • Kitchen checklist
  • Do’s and don’ts in the bathroom
  • Budget excel download
  • Bathroom Design Measurements
  • Bathroom Reno Checklist
  • 5 Tiling Mistakes Not to Make
  • How much should you spend on the bathroom
  • Bathroom Plumbing Tips and Layout ideas
  • Order of work
  • Tips to Design your Laundry
  • How much should you spend in the laundry
  • Tools & DIY
  • Power Tools & Hand Tools
  • How much should you spend on tools
  • DIY you CAN do
  • 20 Ways to Cut Costs in a Reno
  • What to do when fatigue kicks in
  • Walls & Painting
  • Removing Walls
  • Where and How to Use VJ panels
  • Purchase a spray gun?
  • Dealing with Stains and Painting Unusual Surfaces
  • Order of Painting
  • Types of Paint and Where to Use them
  • White Paint
  • Floors
  • When to use Laminate, Vinyl, Hybrid or the real deal
  • How do I choose the right carpet
  • The Beginner’s guide to tiles
  • How to paint tiles
  • Floor Tips
  • Exteriors
  • How to decide on an exterior colour
  • Painted house colours
  • Tips on painting your brick facade
  • How to paint your aluminium sliding doors or windows
  • How to paint your fences
  • Can you paint a roof
  • Finishing and Styling
  • How to select curtains
  • What are the best blinds for sliding doors, bifold doors and stacking doors
  • All about shutters
  • Everything you need to know about lighting
  • How to choose an interior design style to suit you
  • 4 reasons your home decor isn’t working
  • Styling for Sale
  • 6 mistakes made when styling a home for sale

This is aimed at people who have basic/starter level knowledge of renovating and are prepared to do some DIY work. This is written content, not video tutorials.

We have an ONLINE course here where you’ll learn more indepth tips and tricks on how to minimise stress and maximise profits.